Join Asure experts and your reseller peers for a week bursting with innovative insights, fresh ideas and proven strategies to take your business to the next level.


A Must-Attend Event for Asure Reseller Partners

You and your team won’t want to miss our EVOLVE conference with a robust mix of strategic insights and practical sessions, all with a common aim to help you drive growth and booth efficiency. What’s in store for attendees? Toggle the category to view descriptions of our General , Strategic, and Tactical sessions below.



EVOLVE Agenda Highlights:

  • Tuesday, August 15: Arrival & Welcome Reception
  • Wednesday, August 16: Sessions, Insights, Networking & Dinner Cruise on Lake Champlain
  • Thursday, August 17: Sessions, Insights, Networking & Dinner
  • Friday, August 18: AM Sessions, Grab & Go Lunch
    General Sessions
    Chairman’s Address
    Asure Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Pat Goepel will kick off our conference with insights on how Asure’s strategy continues to evolve to align with the broader HCM market.
    Tectonic Shifts in HCM
    The “war for talent” was once a concept exclusive to large enterprise. Now, employers of all sizes are facing a labor shortage. This challenge, combined with the explosion of HR and tax laws ad the impact of technology advancements like AI are causing tectonic shifts in the employment landscape. In this session, Mike Vannoy, Asure VP of Marketing, will uncover the reasons behind these high-impact trends and share real-life examples of the forces of changes in action.
    Asure Technology Roadmap
    Join Asure Chief Technology Officer Yasmine Rodriguez as she shares the exciting advancements our engineering team has set in motion. This session will provide an overview of the journey to modernization designed to have a positive impact for both you and your clients.
    The True Impact of the Money Transmission Modernization Act
    In this session, we’ll examine the new Money Transmitter Model Law and what it means for payroll processing companies. Regulatory Compliance Counsel Chris Bell will share why a payroll processing servicer needs a money transmission license and what that entails as clients’ needs span across multiple states. He will also cover some of the detailed requirements and critical steps for obtaining and keeping a license, along with associated costs and other important factors to consider.
    Operations Support Model
    Our Operations Team continues to evolve, infusing productivity and effiency to enhance the customer experience. Learn about recent accomplishments and go-forward prioritites from Asure Chief Technology Officer Todd Waletzki.
    Beyond Payroll: The HCM Marketplace Strategy
    As demand for real-time, accurate data increases, so does the opportunity to expand the HCM ecosystem. Join Asure President and Chief Revenue Officer Eyal Goldstein for insights on how it’s changes the game for payroll providers. Learn how we’re actively creating new opportunities to drive growth by positioning payroll at the center of a wheel of in-demand services that add value for employers and employees alike.
    Asure Executive Panel Q&A
    Throughout the conference, we’ll be unpacking a lot of information about change in the industry and where Asure is headed. This unscripted, hour-long session will be your opportunity to hear from Asure senior leaders with answers to your questions.
    Strategic Sessions
    Payroll Tax Filing Strategies for a Changing Landscape
    Learn how to tackle the increasingly complex process of payroll tax management with greater accuracy and efficiency. In this session, we’ll take an in-depth look at the advantages of processing payroll taxes using the PTM engine that’s built to serve multi-payroll processors. Explore how advanced features like bulk upload, e-filings, power of attorney generation and more save time while the sophisticated dashboard delivers premium visibility and monitoring with drill-down insights across all your tax filings.
    Sales Paradigm Shift | Proven Strategies from the Asure Playbook
    Driving new sales for payroll can be a challenge as most view the function as a commodity that simply checks the boxes of cost and compliance. Learn how to elevate the conversation to offer increased value across your prospect’s HCM needs. In this session, Asure President & Chief Revenue Officer will share real-world examples of strategic messaging and “bundling” proven to exponentially increase the productivity of your sales team.
    Cybersecurity Best Practices for Payroll Providers
    Keeping your payroll data secure is imperative. Learn how to reduce risk by educating your team how to keep data private and avoid common scams. In this session, Asure VP of Information Security Josh Gohman will discuss cybersecurity best practices for payroll, as well as fraud prevention strategies. He’ll discuss discuss the security and fraud prevention Asure is using to keep payroll data safe.
    Peer Knowledge Sharing
    At EVOLVE, you’ll be among peers who have experienced similar challenges and successes and are willing to share their stories, strategies, and tactics for improvement. This session will provide a forum to exchange best practice ideas, ask questions, and learn from each other.
    How a Compliant HR Function Can Save Companies Money and Increase ROI
    Today’s headlines are filled with businesses blindsided by jaw-dropping fines for everything from inaccurate I-9s to missing employment posters. The ever-evolving web of HR requirements for Federal, state and local legislations make it chllenging for small businesses to keep pace. But compliance isn’t optional and the consequences for non-compliance are costly. In this session, we’ll explore some of the common HR mistakes and how you can equip your clients protect their businesses for a fraction of the cost of a full-time certified HR expert. We’ll also discuss how to go beyond compliance to deliver training and guidelines that empower teams to increase engagement and productivity.
    Stand-Out Marketing Strategies in a Digital Marketplace
    Leverage proven Digital Marketing strategies to drive awareness and preference for your business in a crowded marketplace. In this session, Asure Vice President of Marketing, Mike Vannoy will share how to unlock the power of content marketing to keep your business top of mind for prospects. He’ll also provide an overview of the channels in the modern marketing mix and how to make each one work for you.
    Painless Payroll Tax Management | PTM Demo
    Employment growth trends like the rise of remote work, expansion into new markets, and high-volume onboarding all impact your clients’ payroll tax processing. The challenge is compounded by the ever-increasing complexity of state and local laws and the thousands of nuances that payroll tax filings must address. In this session, we’ll show how PTM alleviates the burdens of payroll tax management with comprehensive support and unprecedented visibility for scheduling, filing, and monitoring payroll tax returns. This comprehensive demonstration will walk through the system’s practical tools for built-in automated audits, notice and amendment tracking, payment scheduling, return preparation, and reconciliation. We’ll also show how to access information and insights via the online Tax Portal.
    Today is the New Payday: The Rise of Earned Wage Access
    What if employees had instant access to earned wages? Earned Wage Access (EWA) is revolutionizing expectations for timely compensation. As EWA gains traction, more employers are recognizing its competitive value in meeting the evolving needs of their workforce. In this session, we’ll provide an overview of Earned Wage Access market trends and demands ad how EWA providers like ZayZoon are helping employers win the war for talent with this no-cost/high-value offering. We’ll also walk through the details of the rollout process for this employee benefit solution that enhances employee satisfaction, improves financial wellness, and attracts top talent.
    Tactical Sessions
    Year-End Tax Best Practices
    Year-end tax preparations are inevitably daunting. In this session, Asure Vice President of Tax Process & Standardization will provide insights on how to set up for success. Topics will include a checklist for compliance, tips on maintaining comprehensive records throughout the year and real-world examples of what’s worked (and what hasn’t) for other payroll providers.
    Development Roadmap for SMB Payroll
    You shared. We listened. The focus group for SMB Payroll (Evolution) users held last year provided great insights on your needs and priorities. In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into the product roadmap reviewing recently completed development and what’s on the horizon for continued advancements in performance and modernization.
    Maximizing Time & Attendance for Efficiency & Growth
    Explore the latest advancements to our TLM platform as Asure TLM Expert Bob Gryta shares recent updates and the priorities on the development roadmap. We’ll cover new functionality for the Mobile App designed to meet increased usage and feature requests. We’ll also review sales trends for TLM and provide insights into the growth we’re seeing for AsureForce and how you can harness that demand to drive more business. Our session will also include an in-depth review of Workforce Management tools that go behind “just a timecard” ad discuss how to leverage and promote these robust reporting and management tools. 
    Mid-Market HCM Roadmap & Common Issues
    Join us for an in-depth look at what’s next for Asure’s Mid-Market HCM platform. We’ll talk about how we’re addressing your requests and evolving needs with enhanced functionality like Electronic Signature and the new Geolocator feature. We’ll also showcase the next phase of the Employee Onboarding user interface and provide an overview of how the platform interfaces with the advance PTM Tax Engine for payroll tax filing. During the session, we’ll spotlight some common issues our Mid-Market users encounter and how to address them. 
    Health Benefits Employers Must Understand
    Benefits and Payroll go hand in hand. Offering and understanding benefit options can be a key differentiator for payroll providers. In this session, we’ll provide an overview of must-have employer benefits. This session Asure Benefits Operations Manager Heather James will cover details and tax benefits of the popular and cost-effective health reimbursement accounts and flexible spending accounts. She’ll also provide requirements, eligibility and cost details for COBRA, the continuation of health coverage that must be offered to most workers and their families due to a change in employment status. 
    Unlocking AIM (Asure Identity Management)
    Development surrounding Asure Identity Management is designed to maintain security while boosting efficiency with streamlined sign user login for Asure products. This session will provide an update on the approach to two-factor authentication. 
    Common SMB Payroll & AHR Issues & Resolutions
    In this session, we’ll outline a series of your most common challenges as users in the SMB Payroll (Evolution) and Advanced HR platforms. Our product experts will provide a deep dive into how to resolve these challenges as well as offer a Q&A forum for discussion.
    The Power of Exchange
    In this technical session, we’ll provide an in-depth overview on how to leverage the Exchange server to streamline your file transfer operations. We’ll show step-by-step examples of how to save time by automating your data and processes using Exchange. We’ll also share how this approach can help you reduce data entry tasks and errors, as well as safeguard processes to reduce risk.
    Common TLM Issues & Resolutions
    In this session, we’ll cover some of the common issues users experience with TLM and provide steps and strategies to resolve them. 

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