We have received several questions around this topic as 2015 approaches.  How employers schedule hours for their hourly and part-time employees this year will affect how hours are calculated next  year for healthcare reform.  If employers want to ensure part-time employees are not counted in their headcount for mandatory insurance requirements, it’s important to address this sooner vs. later.  Tracking employee’s time has never been more important.  Many employers are considering asking all employees, including exempt employees, to track their time.  Keep in mind exempt employees can be asked to track their time but, the employer is still required to pay them their guaranteed salary, regardless of how many hours they work.Employers with 100+ employees need to be prepared for 2015, employers with 50-99 employees need to be prepared for 2016 and small employers under 50 in headcount still need to be mindful of the rules in the event their headcount increases to over 50.  It will be important for employers to know, and be able to support, exactly who is part-time and who is full-time on their payrolls.The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has a great article on this to reference.  Please click the link below to read more on this very important topic.<a title="Part-Time Hours: Undertake ACA 'Head Count' Strategies – See more at: https://www.shrm.org/ResourcesAndTools/hr-topics/benefits/Pages/Health-Care-Reform-Strategies.aspx 

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