ACA Inclusion In Tax Bill To Be Decided Within DaysSome legislators feel that a bipartisan ObamaCare insurer fix will be added to a government funding bill this week (Dec. 18-22), potentially setting and is still being hotly debated.The bill is aimed at stabilizing insurer markets — and would be added to a stop-gap government funding bill that must pass before this Friday’s funding deadline.The two proposed bills would provide funding aimed at bringing down existing ACA premiums, and also make up for the premium rise from repealing the individual mandate in the tax bill this week.A few holdouts could still vote against a government funding bill, known as a continuing resolution (CR), arguing that it is not enough to make up for the damage of repealing the ACA current mandate in the tax bill.At this point, the tax bill will include the repeal of the individual mandate (that will push rates up slightly), and following that this week the tax spending bill must pass on a bipartisan bills designed to lower rates beginning in 2019.”Source: THE HILL

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