According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are currently 1 million more job openings than job seekers. Are you competitive for talent?

In this tight labor market, your company’s front door – your Human Capital Management (HCM) operations – becomes a key differentiator to attract the talent your business needs, and retain staff to reduce the costs associated with turnover. The result: HCM is a strategic operation for growth.

To achieve staffing results, Human Resources departments are increasingly being assisted by automation. This benefits both HR staff and company employees directly, facilitating paperless processing to create a single-record environment for each staffer, providing them self-service functionality of most initial and ongoing employment management needs. Automation provides capture, organization, workflow and archival of all personnel documentation, reducing internal costs and facilitating compliance assurance.

Providing recruitment and retention competitive advantages, Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud-based HCM system automated abilities encompass functionalities including:

1. Recruitment Management

Today, you can have the option of having the recruitment process entirely web-based, making the task of finding and hiring new applicants easier, faster and more aligned with your organizations staffing objectives.

It starts with a feed from payroll facilitating job budgeting and position posting, allowing you to create a job requisition instantly. Your open positions are posted on leading job boards according to your specific needs and parameters. Detailed results searches give you the means for locating specific skill sets or experience among applicants and resumes on file. HR staff can upload new resumes without manual data entry, keeping accompanying certificate, license and education documentation contiguously on file. All correspondence sent to each applicant during the interview process is stored online for archival and workflow.

Upon hire, the new staffer’s information is imported into payroll, benefits and personnel areas, with supporting employment documentation securely stored, immediately keyword search-accessible for all employee lifecycle, legal or regulatory needs.

2. Benefits Management

Automation streamlines benefits administration, lowering the cost and time of managing complex regionally-specific offerings company-wide. Your staff gains comprehensive information to manage your organization’s employee elections, quickly determining eligibility and analyzing cost. You’ll simplify year-to-year administration with automated rollover processing.

Employees can update their personal information, participate in online enrollment (for new hires, open enrollment periods, qualifying events) through linked third-party administrators, and self-administer/self-manage their plan through your company intranet integration, keeping the entire process quick and paperless.

3. Training Management

Keeping up with expiring certifications and licenses, ever-changing government and state requirements, career planning and development, along with employee and management training programs, is a manual nightmare of regulatory risk. Today, you’re able to automate all of these required training administration functions. You’ll provide your employees convenient access of onsite and offsite programs, creating an environment where they’re productive, motivated and working to promote your organization’s growth.

Automation enables tracking of Continuing Education Credits (CEUs), facilities approval, curriculum, schedule, instructor and training format establishment, along with completion, grade and evaluation compilation. All costs and reimbursements are accounted within the HCM system. Employees sign-up online for training and testing with their manager’s approval, and completion status notification.

4. Employee Self-Service

HCM systems shorten documentation processing time and simplify information management. Through a secure workforce portal, your staff are able to self-manage most daily employment administrative tasks online, appreciating the autonomy and universal convenience. Management oversite is configured based on your organization’s specific processes and culture.

Your Automated Solution

Asure Software’s AsureHCM is an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform to manage entire employee lifecycles. It’s a single-source solution with one database and one employee record, providing you a cleaner environment than a cobbled suite of applications.

The SaaS/cloud delivery model ensures you always have the most up-to-date features and compliance requirements. From online applications to benefits self-management, AsureHCM increases efficiency, eliminates redundancy and maximizes employee productivity.You’ll have the competitive edge for talent acquisition and retention.

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