Believe it or not 2016 is here! We’ve compiled a list of a few tasks you can still get done before 2016 really gets rolling. Happy New Year!COMPLIANCECheck with your State Labor organization to see if there are any new State and/or Federal laws that may impact your business. Review your policies and procedures and make sure they still comply with current laws and regulations. Make sure your HR and filing systems are compliant. Review record retention guidelines and dispose of appropriate records before the new year, if using manual process. PSNW offers several compliance posters available for downloading, click here to see our selection. EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKReview your policies, update if needed, and have all employees sign and acknowledgement of the changes. PAID TIME OFFIs there a use it or lose it policy? Communicate to your employees and give time to requests pay outs, if applicable. HOLIDAYSUpdate your 2016 holiday dates memo and send out to employees. Download our 2016 calendar here. PERFORMANCE REVIEWSHave employees received a review? If so, follow up on goal progress. If not, establish your review process and communicate that process and timeline to managers and employees. Take this time to update job descriptions. MERIT INCREASES AND SALARY RANGESIs it time to consider merit increases? Communicate the company’s merit increase plans. Also, conduct a salary survey to ensure your employees are being paid competitive rates, to ensure retention. STATE AND FEDERAL POSTERSEnsure you have the most recent, compliant labor posters posted. 401K AND PENSIONWork with your broker to ensure the employees are educated about their options, have an opportunity to make changes in a timely fashion, and the company is fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities. VERIFY ADDRESSESVerify addresses of terminated employees or 1099 recipients now before 1099s and W-2s are sent out. GET YOUR FORMSWe have all the employee forms you need on our forms page. Need reporting forms, you can order them now at GET HELPPayroll Specialties Northwest has an array of products and services to help you with your Human Resources needs into the new year. Call us at (541) 484-6619 to find out more!

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