Your office space is one of the most important aspects of your company’s day-to-day life. It’s where your employees gather each day to spark innovative business ideas, and since employees spend at least one third of their days at work, it can be a kind of second home. But unfortunately, commercial real estate prices are rising, making it harder to find a perfect place for your company to thrive. The United States is no stranger to economic slowdowns and bubble bursts, and the commercial real estate industry is no different. Rent prices have risen by 5.8 percent since 2015, which may seem like a small number, but this trend isn’t expected to stop. According to The Wall Street Journal, the commercial real estate market is expected to slow down even more in 2017. With rising rent prices that are set to continue increasing, your company can’t afford to waste any money. But did you know that at any given time, only 40 percent of individual workspaces are being utilized? Even if you haven’t been affected by the commercial real estate market, your company may already be losing money through underutilized office spaces. With the increase in mobile and remote work, desks are left vacant in offices all around the country. So what options do you have? As rents go up, your options shrink. But with workplace utilization technology, you’re not out of luck. Sensor technology is a manager’s best friend—and you may already be familiar with it. Sensor technology can be used to detect motion, light, and even temperature in your office, making sure nothing goes to waste and saving you thousands. Companies can now attach similar sensors to individual desks to keep track of workplace utilization trends. Sensors tell you how often and how long desks are used, helping you analyze the data to make informed decisions about your workplace. And with the data provided by sensor technology, you can instate methods like hoteling and telecommuting—whatever helps save you money while keeping your employees in mind.Asure Software knows how important the workplace is to your company, which is why we’ve designed solutions to help save you money on real estate, no matter the current market climate.SmartView is a complete, automated, and integrated workplace utilization analysis solution that empowers you to make educated, cost-effective decisions. It uses revolutionary activity sensors and robust analytic tools to track, measure, and analyze space throughout your entire facility, including individual workspaces. SmartMove allows companies to efficiently manage people, space, and asset data in one convenient system. SmartMove is accessible from all devices, including computers and tablets, and can help you manage your workplace more efficiently, whether you’re introducing a hot desking technique or exploring scenario capabilities. SmartMove streamlines the entire process with a user-friendly, up-to-date, interactive metrics system customized to your workplace.Asure Software’s People Success Platform provides technological tools for an agile workforce, enabling employees to reserve office space like conference and call rooms online. Asure’s SmartView and SmartMove keep track of workplace utilization using occupancy detection sensors and software, saving your company time and money.

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