Healthcare DilemmaSome in Washington feel that today we are closer than ever of sending ACA to the ash heap of history and opening the door for much-needed market-based solutions to health insurance.With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Republicans banded together to eliminate the unpopular ACA program individual mandate. Now the administration is determined to find a better way to address our nation’s health-care needs.But despite these positive developments, both parties in Washington are considering policies that would not only retain the ACA for the indefinite future, but also expand this health-care coverage.Being considered are new proposals that add billions more in deficit spending into the pockets of insurance companies, which have been losing money on exchanges based on the law’s one-size-fits-all approach.The Senators contend that one solution is to do away with this massive, expensive and unfair government program, instead of throwing money at a handful of corporations to tolerate it.There are also several competing proposals too. One directs the ACA-created bailout known as cost-sharing-reduction (CSR) payments to go to the ACA insurance companies. Another creates an entirely new reinsurance program to funnel billions of taxpayer dollars directly to insurers to convince them to stick with the ACA.One side objects that CSR payments lack sufficient pro-life protections, allowing taxpayer funding for abortions. The reinsurance program proposals under consideration today would create a new backdoor bailout. The original plan created a 3-year reinsurance program (bailout) which ended in 2016.New perspectives may treat health insurance as the product it is and allow the principles of choice and competition to provide cheap, effective options to consumers. Consumer freedom is the most effective way to lower premiums and make health insurance more affordable.This approach would expand health savings accounts, so Americans could receive a tax-free way to pay for health expenses, allow people to purchase plans that work for them, and make these plans portable between jobs. These three simple things go a long way toward promoting market competition that benefits consumers and reduces the cost of health care for everyday Americans.The best plan is to listen to the American people and move past broken government intrusions into the health insurance market.Source: Fox News – 3-16-18

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