If an employee is engaged, their positive energy also emanates to other employees. Company culture-building factors can be anything from instigating weekly Friday team lunches to celebrating Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere as an office. Team-building activities enable employees to both play hard and work hard. Building a dynamic and engaging atmosphere amongst employees increases productivity by breaking up the work day and refreshing the mind. Dr. Daniel Sgroi, of The Social Market Foundation and the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy, says happiness-building exercises should be encouraged. “Having scientific support for generating happiness-productivity cycles within the workforce… [should] help managers to justify work-practices aimed at boosting happiness on productivity grounds,” he said. Utah company, Domo for example, extols a company culture that includes Segways, snacks, roosters, sumo wrestlers, food trucks, venture capital, media buzz, tech perks and tailgate parties. Personal benefits such as paid vacations, gym passess, generous retirement funds and paternity and maternity leave also help to integrate lifestyle and work together in a beneficial way. When individuals feel that they can trust their employers, they are more willing to invest their time and resources into work and build relationships with colleagues. But if employees feel that their employer does not have their best interest in mind, it becomes extraordinarily difficult to cultivate loyalty with employees.Cultivating connectivity and teamwork with practices such as  company-wide meetings, and implementing an internal social network such as Slack or Yammer, can connect employees virtually – especially if campuses are geographically dispersed. Online tools help employees stay up-to-date on business aspects, as well as social activity within the company. Building culture is necessary to sustain employee morale and boost engagement, but is also important in creating a lasting and sustainable business. When you build connections within your company and among employees, you create a stronger infrastructure that is better equipped to withstand any inevitable upsets along the way.  

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