The new U.S. Labor Department Overtime Rule’s impact on time and attendance tracking requires your fiscal attention, opportunistically.

The rule’s overview: employers are required to pay eligible workers one and one-half times their regular rate of pay when they exceed 40 hours a week. Those who earn above the newly allotted salary thresholds may still be eligible for overtime pay if they do not primarily perform management-related duties. It goes into effect January 1, 2020; the employers of 1.3 million US workers will be effected.

Workload balancing is now a necessity, predicated by fewer employees doing more, over extended time periods. Accurately monitoring and reporting your staff’s time and attendance has become markedly prevalent. Beneficially, out of this need comes opportunity – a clear vision of your organization’s daily accomplishments, with the ability to adjust hours worked for payroll capital optimization.

Here’s how to marshal time and attendance information, determine strategy for best human resource allocations, and have the documentation to back-up your decisions. You’ll maintain regulatory compliance and keep your employees fully engaged, whether they work in an office, remotely, or a mix of both.

Through Asure Software’s Cloud-based platform’s connected on-location time clocks and mobile device apps, your able to quickly and accurately complete your time collection and processing tasks. Asure’s system provides the automated front-end to your entire payroll process, with an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use solution helping your organization reduce administrative expenses, while optimizing employee performance.

This system supports exception pay and project tracking of hourly, exempt and salaried non-exempt employees. It collects and manages time for traditional and mobile workers from devices including PCs, biometric and badge readers and mobile devices, all through employee self-service tools.

Ultimately, the Asure system creates a company-wide, scalable-flexible solution by integrating with your payroll, human resource and ERP systems.

Explore Asure’s option to optimize workload balancing, while monitoring employee status and contribution from all locations, and maintaining labor law compliance. Contact Asure for information and a system demonstration.

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