We have almost reached the end of the 2013 OSHA Summary Posting Period.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires certain employers to post the OSHA Form 300A in a conspicuous workplace location from February 1, 2013 through April 30, 2013. This form is a summary of the total number of job-related injuries and illnesses that occurred in 2012. Employers with ten or fewer employees during all of the last calendar year (2012), or businesses that are classified in a specific low-hazard industry are generally not required to post OSHA Form 300A. However, an organization subjected to this requirement must post the OSHA Form 300A, even if the employer had no reportable injuries/illnesses in the prior year. In addition to the posting requirement, the employer must provide a copy of the report to any employee with no fixed work site or no access to the posting location.

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