October is here and this year there is more to start preparing for than the holidays. Changes to the overtime provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act are currently scheduled take effect on December 1; therefore, the time to ensure compliance with the law is drawing near.

In recent months, the new overtime provision has been challenged by multiple states and by business organizations. Additionally, the US House of Representatives recently passed a bill to delay the date that rule takes effect.  At the writing of this post, however, the lawsuits have not yet been resolved and the House bill is not expected to be written into law.  Therefore, businesses should continue to prepare for the rule as it currently stands.

We recently attended a presentation by an attorney specializing in employment law who emphasized that an employer’s biggest area of exposure is in not tracking hours. Maintaining records of hours worked is the employer’s responsibility.

Recording and managing Time and Attendance can seem like an overwhelming obstacle, but Savers Admin can help make it simple. Our Time and Attendance solution, SwipeClock, simplifies time tracking. Our system offers multiple solutions to tracking including hardware, software, and mobile punching to help you become compliant with the new Overtime Law.

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