Today, the realm of Human Resources within organizations is all-encompassing. If your people are involved in any matter needing oversight, HR is involved.

HR management is becoming progressively important to businesses as the US economy becomes increasingly service-oriented, creating a greater emphasis on employee relations and benefits. This is leading more companies to hire industry operators to contend with their HR-related concerns. Falling unemployment is building demand for HR consulting services, including assistance with recruitment, retention, employee relations and communication endeavors

.Project based HR consulting is the go-to, providing expertise in areas to assist management and in-house staff to appropriately prevent, mitigate or resolve issues. Whether one-offs or a series of projects addressing needs of your growing organization, you’re in good company: 80% of organizations now outsource some or all of their HR activities, largely due to 30% of senior management’s time being unnecessarily spent on HR-related issues, rather than on company growth.

Common project based HR consulting usage includes:

HR Audits and Assessments

An often overlooked endeavor, your job descriptions, employee handbooks, policy manuals, employment forms, safety and compensation programs require review to get an in-depth look at your HR functions, optimizing each facet to achieve your objectives. The focus is on regulatory compliance and HR best practices, identify potential problems, and offer solutions.

Employee Handbooks

You need employee handbooks that encompasses all your operational policies. They ensure consistency and explain personnel procedures unique to your company. Employment, benefits, personal conduct, discrimination, harassment and pay practices – all need to be included in your handbooks.

Manager’s Manual

Your manager’s manuals are essential how-to resources for everyone in managerial or supervisory positions. It encompasses all of the policies in your employee handbooks, explains how to implement them, and provides your management with all necessary associated forms.

Compensation Plans

With today’s tight labor market, your compensation planning is crucial to keep competitive in recruitment and retention. To assure this, it should be prepared by highly trained, experienced, and accredited HR professionals, certified by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

Job Descriptions

In conjunction with compensation planning, job descriptions for current and requisitioned positions need to be accurate and compelling. Standardize company brand formatting with current job functions and requirements are crucial. Project based HR consulting provides a much-needed independent vantage, one attuned to the current labor market in your industry, as well as upcoming trends.

Risk Mitigation Training

One incident can destroy your company’s brand reputation and cost you millions to repair. Avoiding one is the solution. To accommodate, offerings of on-site, interactive harassment training as well as specialized instruction on: How to Conduct Performance Reviews, Interviewing Skills, Conflict Resolution, Documenting Discipline, and How to Avoid Harassment in the Workplace. All are a wise investment.

Affirmative Action Plans

An AAP is a scientific analysis of your employees. It begins with a statement verifying that your organization is an equal opportunity employer and ends with a detailed analysis of the targeted classes of workers (women, minorities, veterans and the disabled) you currently employ, as well as future requisition planning. Equal opportunity and compliance are key.

Internal Employee Investigations

Difficult, damaging issues will occur in your organization – how you address them is crucial to maintain culture and productivity. Investigation of employee grievances and complaints should be conducted from an impartial point of view by highly trained and accredited HR professionals who have experience handling these matters successfully.

Safety Plans

You need a compliance plan composed of all your industry-related elements, including OSHA regulations, safety postings, first aid kit requirements, new employee safety training, standardized reporting forms, and a comprehensive and detailed written accident prevention program. All aspects will be customized suiting your specific needs.

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