Katie Sherwood Shapes Software For Every Client’s Specific Needs

For Katie Sherwood, every solution is a custom solution.

Katie, 27, administers Savers Admin’s Advanced HR and Swipeclock offerings. Advanced HR is a complete human resources information system, including employee self-service and administrative modules. Swipeclock is an electronic timekeeping system that interfaces seamlessly.

Every installation starts with a thorough review of the client’s current processes, said Katie. “We review how they do their hiring, data keeping for things like licenses and certifications, how they track paid time off and time and attendance. Then we introduce various levels of software to improve those.

“Our software is so robust that most clients don’t use all of it,” so every implementation is different. “Fortunately, it’s hugely customizable.”

What she loves about her job, Katie said, is “simplifying clients’ processes, saving them time and helping to revolutionize their day-to-day tasks.”

“Some of them become more pleasant to deal with after the installation,” she laughed, “because we’ve simplified their lives.”

Katie joined Savers Admin five years ago, shortly after her roommate from Bridgewater College, Abby Walker, joined Savers Admin. Katie started as a payroll processor, then gravitated to the Advanced HR product because “I just had a knack for it. It was easy for me to pick up.

“I’m constantly learning new little tweaks,” she continued, “and we have a great relationship with the developers at our software vendor.”

In her spare time, Katie enjoys video games, gardening and helping her husband with his woodworking business.

She wants clients to know “we offer a great range of products to save them time, money and headaches – and we work hard to customize them to your needs. From beginning to end, I’m your point person.”

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