Competition for top talent is forcing employers to cast increasingly wide nets that reach far outside a company headquarters’ local area. As this practice becomes more prevalent, it’s incumbent upon employers to leverage every potential avenue for retaining top talent and keep their employees engaged in their work. One of the best ways to achieve engagement is to grant employees autonomy in the management of their everyday tasks and administrative systems. In this scenario, the company systems that make autonomy feasible are a critical business consideration.

Company Culture Matter

Businesses rarely make decisions on HCM systems with employee engagement and convenience in mind. Asure understands that HR office folks are often the keepers of corporate culture. Culture may come from the top down, but it resides in the HR office. It’s the administration office that has direct contact with employees in every facet of their relationship with the company. In this office, the rubber meets the road.As such, administrative functions—systems and personnel—are important factors for employee retention and engagement. A 2015 Forbes survey found that employees who gave their work culture low marks were nearly 15 percent more likely than their counterparts to consider a new job.It’s critical for employers to use every available tool to boost employee engagement. This includes the way the employee manages their information, benefits, tax withholding, retirement saving, remote work, and even performance reviews. The best solution is an administration systems approach that is employee-centered rather than employer-centered.One way to look at these systems through the eyes of your employees is to ask: “How many different systems must my employees engage with, in order to do all the HR functions we have in place? Are those systems connected to each other, or do we have employees entering the same data in more than one place for essentially the same functions? Are we lacking any critical services in our HR management?”A full-featured suite of HCM tools and applications offers benefits that go beyond administration. It plays a key role in a positive corporate culture and the engagement and retention of critical employees.

Engaging Remote Employees

Companies that recruit on a national level face unique challenges when it comes to employee engagement. A carefully cultivated company culture is often slow to reach virtual employees, and when it does, it’s a watered-down version of what happens in the home office. Specific strategies for engagement are a must.One of the best ways for culture to reach every employee is for the work administration functions to be inclusive of every aspect of work life, no matter the location, and no matter the particular job function.Several years ago, companies searching for ways to work with traveling or telecommuting employees were faced with a lack of visibility and technological support to enable success in this area. As a result, trust between employer and employee lagged and long-term business success was a hard-won battle. Recent technological advances have enabled businesses to be successful in engaging their virtual workforce.Today, the Asure platform offers modules that help develop virtual-employee relationships. Our suite brings these employees into the fold and engages them just like any other employee—on-site or not. The result is reinforced trust in the employer-employee relationship, a supportive work environment, and maximized business results.

The New People Success Platform

These days, employees are no longer tethered to a specific workstation or location. That’s what it takes for businesses to be competitive, and Asure built its People Success Platform with this in mind. Effective workflow is efficient, and efficiency contributes directly to the bottom line of any business.Do your HR systems engage all employees, no matter where they are? A new approach to HCM is critical to the way companies compete for employees located near and far. Asure’s comprehensive People Success Platform engages and enables employees to make decisions on their own behalf, under a framework set by the company. Our platform allows you to recruit, engage, and retain the best talent possible, no matter how far they are located from company headquarters.

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