Employees really do care about the office layout. According to Clutch’s 2018 Future of Work survey, employees most value comfortable, inviting office floor plans with flexible working arrangements. Sixty-one percent value an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable workspace and nearly 40% say that a dedicated desk, office, and/or meeting space are most important. Here are ten office layout ideas that are proven to increase employee happiness, wellbeing, and productivity.

Develop your space management strategy

Before you start moving desks and people around, your organization needs a plan. Start by identifying your business goals and understanding how office space relates to those goals. Be sure to align your space management strategy with the needs of your workforce. Ask your employees what would help them be happier and more productive. Send out surveys to learn about employee pain points; for example, is there a noise or lighting problem in your office? The most successful organizations will also use data from office space reports to make effective decisions about the office layout.

10 office layout ideas that increase productivity and wellbeing

1. Arrange desks so employees have access to natural light.Many spaces throughout typical office floor plans are not getting enough light. Research suggests that access to natural light provides numerous health benefits including improved sleep and less eye strain. Try to arrange your office by putting desks and workstations as close to windows as possible—ideally, within 20 to 25 feet.2. Rethink your open office layout.Open-plan offices were designed to inspire collaboration and drive innovation. Unfortunately, this design is not well-liked by employees. In a recent survey, 16% said an open layout has negatively impacted their health and 13% contemplated leaving their job. The best approach is to offer a variety of workspace environments so employees can pick the best place that suits their mood and needs.3. Provide access to technology.It’s also important for any office floor plans to offer access to technology. Arrange space so employees have access to phone jacks, outlets, wi-fi routers, and anything else they need to get the job done.4. Design private areas for work.According to US research, background noise can lead to a 66% decrease in productivity and a UK study found that 3 in 10 employees regularly lose their concentration due to office noise. Provide quiet areas where employees can get more focused work done without the stress of distraction.5. Create spaces for relaxing.To improve employee health and wellbeing, be sure to include nice, comfortable spaces for breaks or provide a work-free zone in your larger office layout.6. Offer collaborative meeting spaces.When considering office layout ideas, be sure to include a flexible space that allows multiple employees to collaborate outside of someone’s office.7. Provide convenient storage spaces.Clutter is distracting. Be sure to include a variety of spaces for employees to store belongings and work-related items such as coats, umbrellas, reference manuals, and technology needs.8. Create an energy-efficient layout.Use office space reports to track and control environmental settings such as temperature, lighting, and air quality. Make data-driven space decisions to optimize the office layout.9. Use comfortable, ergonomic, and even mobile seating.Opting for ergonomic chairs can help improve employee health. You can also set the tone for your office floor plans by placing plush seating in work-free zones, arranging chairs in a circular fashion in meeting spaces, and providing seats that move to fit changing needs.10. Beautify your space.Don’t forget to include some office plants and artwork throughout the office to set a positive mood and provide visual appeal.

Space management for the modern workforce

Modern workers want their employers to provide a flexible, comfortable environment that balances work and wellbeing. Take these simple steps to make sure your office floor plan meets business goals and the needs of your employees. Asure Software provides space management solutions that help businesses explore space options, keep track of assignments, and analyze data to optimize the office layout.

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