The cost of living has tremendously increased. With the current inflation level of 6.4%, many people struggle to make ends meet. Payroll errors can mean a further squeeze on their disposable income. 

The American Payroll Association (APA) recently released the Getting Paid in America survey. It shows that over 70% of respondents would find meeting current financial obligations somewhat or very difficult if paychecks were late by one week.  

Payroll errors can happen to any business. Even EY, a well-known accounting firm, is not immune. Over 55,000 of their U.S. workers were left out of pocket when last July’s payroll was mistakenly reversed. 

So, how can you provide seamless payroll services? 

This article explains what a payroll reseller partner could mean for your business. And we reveal the crucial qualities to look for in a partner to keep your business free from costly payroll errors. 

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Why Use a Payroll Reseller Partner? 

Using an efficient and capable payroll reseller partner will propel your business forward. It does this by helping you ensure clients’ compliance with tax laws, save them money, and help them avoid payroll errors and penalties. 

Examples of payroll processing errors include late paychecks, miscalculating overtime, and incorrect W-2s. When companies struggle with payroll problems, their name is on the line. However, it’s not just their reputation that suffers. When EY’s paychecks disappeared, the accounting firm quickly pointed fingers at their payroll provider. 

Suppose you want to avoid getting into hot water. Why not use a payroll reseller partner who helps you deliver innovative and secure integrated payroll solutions to your customers? 

If you join Asure’s Reseller Partner Program, you’ll have access to valuable resources that will help you do this and more: 

  • Scalable solutions that grow with your customers’ needs. 

  • A dedicated account manager at your fingertips. 

  • A 17-week-long comprehensive software training delivered by a customer success partner. 

  • A digital marketing toolkit so you can rebrand our white-label collateral, images, videos, video scripts, and more without the hassle of creating products or content. 

  • An annual C3 partners’ software conference. Learn more about product features through our expert workshops and discover best practices. 

  • Monthly webinars on product updates, changes, and enhancements.  

Top 7 Qualities to Look for in a Payroll Reseller Partner 

A competent payroll reseller partner helps your clients improve reporting, stay compliant along with saving time and lowering costs. Finding the right one can be a challenge, so be sure to look for these qualities first. 

1 – Pricing 
The first item on your list should be pricing. Ensure you are thorough when comparing pricing plans and scrutinize base rates, per-employee fees, and additional fees to avoid overpaying. 

 2 – Room for Growth  
Whether you’re a payroll provider for small businesses or a CPA looking to add HRM services to help your clients, we have the system architecture to scale your payroll business to thousands of clients, all from one database. 

To thrive, companies must grow; staying stagnant is not an option. With Asure’s payroll solutions, your clients can focus on growth, knowing they can rely on technology and process controls to keep their data safe. 

And, crucially, with Asure HCM for partners – a white-label version of our Asure HCM software – you will appeal to (potential) customers who want a local, trusted partner rather than one-size-fits-all national payroll companies who don’t understand their specific needs. 
And whether you service small or larger clients, our payroll solutions will grow with them, keeping them compliant and error-free. 

3 – Self-Service Options  
When you provide payroll solutions to clients, wouldn’t you prefer it if they contained a high degree of self-service? This way clients won’t need your intervention every time they update the system with new staff details or other information. 

Deliver exceptional service and put your clients fully in control with an easy-to-use solution that improves employee engagement by: 

Enabling their managers to: 

  • Control what features employees can use. 

  • Review and approve data changes.  

  • Send company-wide announcements and alerts. 

Enabling their employees to: 

  • View and update personal information. 

  • Manage and view W-2 information.  

  • Review and print paychecks. 

And for ease of use, offer your clients an employee portal accessible on any device, anywhere.  With Asure Payroll services, they can do all that and more. Talk to a specialist to learn more.

4 – Integrations 
While you focus on growing your company, it’s a comforting idea that your payroll reseller partner can offer you a wide range of solutions to help you service your clients better with a complete payroll technology toolkit. Stand out in a competitive market and look no further than the Asure Integrations Marketplace.  

Asure offers integrations with industry leader Daily Pay, cloud HCM platform: Ceridian DayForce, Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management, and many more.  

5 – Support  
Providing clients with a seamless payroll experience is easier when you have reliable support. If you’re ready to start a long-term partnership, avoid partners who operate a centralized call center where your queries might get lost in the void.  

Instead, why not look for a partner who assigns you a dedicated account manager? Someone you can call whenever you need to and who is fully responsive to your needs. 

6 – Security  
If security is a top concern, consider Asure. A publicly traded company (NASDAQ: ASUR), Asure must pass SOC 1 Type 2 audits every six months. This means an independent third-party audit to ensure we have all the proper controls and systems in place and are secure. 

Asure software applications are based in the secure cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS privacy and network tools such as encryption, event monitoring, and access control ensure all employee data is safe.  

If this sounds complicated, trust us when we say we will protect your clients’ data and money with our certified systems

7 – Variety of Solutions  
Beyond payroll and tax filing services, Asure offers three more solutions you can provide to clients: 

  • Human Resources: Asure makes life easy for your clients, by handling all HR complexities, including keeping them compliant with all labor laws. Also, Asure’s employee self-service will give staff easy access to all their work-based data and documents. 

  • Time & Attendance: Asure’s software streamlines processes, so managing time collection, accruals, and employee schedules while staying compliant with FLSA and overtime laws is a breeze for your clients.  

  • HR Services: Asure offers three HR services, from basic compliance to fully outsourced HR.  

Key Takeaway 

Payroll problems can have severe consequences for your clients, and they can put a dent in your reputation too. However, with a solid payroll reseller partner supporting you, you can help your clients enjoy secure, accurate, and compliant payroll services.  

Asure can help you attract customers and grow your business by providing your clients with: 

  • Scalable solutions,  

  • Our comprehensive Asure Integrations Marketplace,  

  • Handy self-service options, 

  • Security and peace of mind with our certified systems. 

If you’d like to speak to a payroll expert about your business, contact us.  

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