At Asure, payroll tax management is one of our areas of expertise, but our real business is making things easier for payroll providers.

That’s why when we became aware that our clients wanted an easier way to pay for using our software solution, FlexTax®, we made a project out of retooling it in a way that worked better for them.

FlexTax Billing: Save As You Grow

The result was a simplified invoicing process for FlexTax users that not only made it easier and more transparent – it also created savings for growing businesses by decreasing the cost per client as a company grows.

We know this wasn’t a revolutionary idea – just a smart one. This is the same logic Costco club stores have used to flourish for years: when customers buy products in bulk, the savings increase. Because of the popularity and value of this kind of pricing, Costco may even be considered recession-proof.

We know our clients also want to get the most bang for their buck – especially as they grow. That’s what inspired our modified pricing plan.

“It grows with you,” explains Summer Poletti, Asure’s Vice President of Sales, Compliance. “The cost per client decreases the bigger you get.”

Under the old pricing system, it was difficult for clients to know exactly how much their payroll tax processing was going to cost, which in turn, made it difficult for them to know how much to charge their clients.

The updated system incorporated a simplified fee for each end-user client and made it easier for our clients to budget. It also streamlined the billing documentation process.

“We’re hoping this alleviates some headaches,” Poletti said when the new plan was launched. And it has. Simplified billing means you can spend more time working on your business.

The new pricing plan will be immediately available to new clients. Existing clients will be migrated over to the new plan beginning this month.

Payroll Tax Solutions without Complicated Billing

At Asure, we provide payroll tax expertise and compliance to companies nationwide. But what we really provide are solutions that enable our clients to focus on growing their business. That means listening to our clients and continuously looking for better ways to meet their needs.

Overly complicated fee structures for payroll services? We scrapped them.

If you’d like more information about how we can make your payroll processes easier, give us a call or contact us here. We provide solutions to the payroll industry across the entire landscape of compensation issues, including time and attendance.

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