ACA Update – Three Key TakeawaysThe Revised House Republican health bill follows a philosophy that “Insurers and markets, rather than government” are empowered to find ways to provide affordable health insurance to a broad set of Americans.The bill that passed this week creates a mechanism to free insurers to sell a wider variety of products—including less-comprehensive plans now barred by law—and to broaden the pricing, that could potentially raising premiums for older and sicker Americans.The bill eliminates the requirement that individuals “carry insurance or pay a penalty”, where substituting a price increase for those who choose to go without coverage and buy it later. Lastly, the bill gives states more freedom to experiment with their Medicaid programs.Reasoning for these modifications bet on these changes will stimulate competition, draw healthier people into the insurance pool and cut premium prices overall. Opposition to the bill see many participants and providers in the health system facing higher costs – fearing they will rise above the current ACA.

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