Nearly $700,00 from the IRS to a manufacturing business… over half-a-million dollars in ERTC funding for a restaurant… with over one BILLION dollars in ERTC government funds distributed, don’t miss out on your business’ legally entitled stimulus funds.

Shockingly, many companies aren’t even applying because they mistakenly think they’re not qualified. Take this 2-minute quiz to check your ERTC eligibility. Don’t risk losing $26,000 per employee!





Asure has filed for more than $200 million in stimulus on behalf of their clients as part of the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) program.

“Getting this critical stimulus money in the hands of our clients is incredibly gratifying,” said Pat Goepel, Chairman, and CEO of Asure. “Early in the pandemic, so much of the focus was on PPP loans and loan-forgiveness. But, because the ERTC program is more complex, many small and mid-sized businesses just didn’t realize how much stimulus was available to them” added Goepel.

How Can Asure Help With ERTC?

Current and new Asure customers can add on the ERTC filing service to their payroll service. If your company is eligible for ERTC, then Asure can assist with calculating the credits and filing amended payroll tax returns to allow you to claim your credits with the IRS. With this service, Asure will take care of all of the following:



1 – Review Qualified Wages

With your payroll data, Asure will identify eligible wages – including qualified health plan expenses.

2 – Calculate Credit Amount

Asure will calculate eligible ERTC wages – taking into consideration the dates of your PPP loan.

3 – File Amended Returns

Asure will process the credits in our payroll system for audibility and file the necessary amended tax returns.

Simply fill out this quick quiz to check your ERTC eligibility

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