Austin HR, the leading full-service HR firm, is excited to announce its partnership with Resilient 1 ™ (R1) a provider of a full-stack of corporate wellness solutions.  It’s inaugural joint workshop, named “Resilient Mind Resilient Team,” is now featured in Austin HR’s 90-minute Lunch ‘N Learn Series.The new dynamics necessary for peak work performance including the digital workplace add to stress levels according to the Harvard Business Review. And the American Institute of Stress reports that workplace stress is the number one source of personal stress. Researchers are estimating anywhere from $125-$190 billion dollars a year representing 5-8 percent of corporate spending on healthcare. All this points to a need for companies to help employees better manage stress in the workplace.The 90 minute workshop “Resilient Mind Resilient Team” offers flexible, office friendly techniques that help attendees understand the cause of stress, anxiety and how to get centered inside a busy workday at one’s desk. Topics covered include how stress quietly starts and spreads, impact of a stressed environment, and an on-the-spot 20-minute strategy for rest, recovery, balance and performance among others. This workshop aims to empower teams to cope with challenges that permeate at work and in life. For fast moving companies, this learning is especially beneficial in ensuring employees can recharge to perform at their best – adopting resilient techniques to face rapid change.Austin HR has further expanded its training and development offerings with R1 and its network of experts who have demonstrated both business success with a deep dedication to individual health in the workplace.  Click this link to learn more. “Gym memberships alone don’t address the need for individuals to be able to find mental composure during a busy, often stressful workday” says David Hughen, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Austin HR.

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