Savers Admin clients may not know the Asure Software name, but they’ve long been using Asure’s products. Asure’s cloud-based software underlies nearly all Savers Admin’s services.

The combination of Asure Software and Savers Admin is designed to preserve local service and local identity, explained Joe Karbowski, Asure’s chief operating officer and chief technology officer.

Clients will deal with the same people and use the same systems. Behind the scenes, they’ll enjoy deeper support and backup. The most conspicuous change they’ll see is the longer name. Savers Admin is now Savers Admin, an Asure Software Company.

For the Savers Admin staff, a larger company can provide greater opportunities to learn and advance. And Asure will gain a respected affiliate and a platform to serve an expanding client base.

Asure Software is a public company based in Austin, Texas, with offerings in three major areas, payroll and human resources, time and attendance and workspace management. It has about 330 employees and expects $54 to $56 million revenue this year, Karbowski, said. 

“We’re not a start-up,” he emphasized. “We’re a self-funding, growing company, not beholden to venture capitalists,” with organic growth of 10% to 20%, plus acquisitions.

On Jan. 1, the date of the Savers Admin acquisition, Asure acquired two other companies similar to Savers Admin, following a similar acquisition in October. Pat Goepel, Asure’s CEO, has said he would like to add three to six local service bureaus to the portfolio each year.

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