New Report Addresses Impact of Drug Abuse & Workplace TestingA recent drug-testing firm has published a white paper, Economic Value of Drug Testing in the Workplace for Health Payers & Employers. The article addresses opportunities for health payers and employers recommending ways that they can utilize drug testing to:- Decrease Employee Turnover and Absenteeism- Reduce Employer Risk- Lower Workers’ Compensation Rates:Top doctors in the study group say that employment drug testing provides far-reaching organizational and societal benefits, and promotes a safer, more productive workplace.The pervasive opioid crisis is devastating America’s hard-working, middle class, and has become an imperative for health payers and employers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how deeply this issue goes.Statistics reveal these facts:Employees who abuse prescription drugs are:– Two-to-five times more likely than others to take unexcused absences- Late for work- Get injured or act violently at work- File Workers’ Compensation claims- Quit or be fired within one year of employment.By contrast, employees in recovery for substance abuse save their companies more than $3,200 a year, research indicates.Report Highlights:– Drug abuse costs U.S. business owners more than $140 billion annually- 70% of the 14.8 million Americans who abuse drugs are employed- Up to 20 percent of work-related fatalities test positive for drugs or alcohol- 71 percent of U.S. employers say they have been affected by employee misuse of legally prescribed medications, including opioids- Employees in organizations without drug testing programs have 30% to 40% higher self-reported past month drug useasure software offers Human Capital Management solutions that make it easy for employers to manage employees and keep up with state and federal regulations. Our solutions help maintain the service level and familiarity of a small, family-owned business. Let us handle your human capital management so you can focus on running your business.If you have any questions about these updates, please contact us: 800-442-4988 or email:

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