White House Looks to Push Forward With Workplace Flexibility

Previously on this blog we talked about new legislation in the UK focused on the expansion of flexible work rights of employees in the country. The amendment for flexible work regulations in the UK goes into effect today, but it looks like the United States is making some news when it comes to workplace flexibility as well.Last week President Barack Obama put out a Presidential Memorandum titled, “Enhancing Workplace Flexibilities and Work-life Programs.” Unlike the UK flexible work regulations, the memorandum only applies federal employees and still is a good sign for continued progress for those who are proponents of increased flexibility in the workplace.The belief coming out of the White House is that by the Federal government continuing to progress in offering a better work-life balance and flexible workplaces for employees, it will allow for federal agencies to attract and retain top talent.The actions agencies will have to take following this memorandum include:

  • Have conversations with employees about work scheduling flexibility and telework.
  • Ensure that workplace flexibilities are available to the maximum extent, and consistent with mission needs.
  • Agencies will need to review their current workplace flexibilities and work-life policies to see that they are being effectively used and submit a report to the Office of Personnel Management.

It is important to note that this memorandum only applies to Federal Agencies and their flexible work policies, but do you think it’s a sign of bigger things to come when it comes to telework and flexibility in the workplace? We’ve seen it in the UK, why shouldn’t it start to happen in the US?

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