A January 2022 Morning Consult poll reported by Bloomberg reveals that 55% of remote workers would consider quitting if required to RTO (Return to Office) before they felt safe. 

In the week prior, that number was 45%. 

Employers face new challenges when managing and retaining their talent during this age of COVID and desire for flexible working conditions. 

Here at Asure Software, we have both remote-only employees and hybrid employees (WFM and office). We’ve found this has given us access to the most skilled and enthusiastic knowledge workers, regardless of location. 

If your business needs knowledge workers, you might consider looking at remote-only as an asset to your company, rather than a compromise. 

Employers gain:  

  • access to the best applicants, not just those who happen to live near your offices. 

  • a popular working option to attract that talent 

  • potential to save on real estate expenses with a reduced need for permanent employee office space 

Employees enjoy: 

  • Time, stress, and money saved by no commute 

  • Cost savings by not eating out at work, office attire, etc. 

  • Flexible lifestyle (some employees value being able to have more time to care for children and older family members) 

There can be drawbacks for remote-only employees. Some people enjoy social interactions at work, others need the routine of leaving the home for work, while other folks, such as parents of young children, find it too distracting to work from home. 

Today’s world is becoming more personalized and flexible. Offering workplace options to new hires and existing employees can be a competitive advantage in the marketplace for talent. 

To learn more, download our free e-book, “Reimagining Benefits for the Hybrid Workforce.” 

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