Rewriting the Rules for the Digital HRM AgeHuman Resource Management (HRM) has a big opportunity to help lead the transformation to a digital enterprise.In the next several years, HR teams that embrace digital platforms will be required to incorporate the dual challenge of transforming HRM operations, as well as transforming the workforce and way work is done on the other.HR leaders who “embrace” new technologies, platforms, and working mechanics while exploring and investing in enabling agility through constant reinvention, will be strongly positioned to enjoy more positive business results and employee experiences. The Chart above defines traditional HRM approaches with the “New” standard.Will your company be prepared for this revolution? TelePayroll’s HCM offers an end-to-end, single source solution with the tools you need to effectively manage your employee life cycle. From applicant tracking and onboarding to performance reviews and leave of management, all of your employee data is securely stored in one place and easily accessible in the cloud.TelePayroll HCM provides a proven framework to keep your workforce engaged and growing. It’s time to transform your company with TelePayroll HCM. Call us at 800-977-2976 or email: to learn more.Source: 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

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