Starting April 1, Savers Admin will begin offering FMLA administration to employers.

Debbie Berg

FMLA is the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993. It requires employers above a certain size to provide job-protected, unpaid leave for qualified medical and family reasons, including pregnancy, adoption, foster care placements, personal or family illness or a family member’s military deployment. Employees must have been on the job for a year to qualify.

As you might expect, there are lots of exceptions and conditions, and some states have expanded on the federal program. It’s a complicated system, so it’s easier for a full-time expert than a part-time generalist to administer.

Q.  What services does Savers Admin provide for employers who must comply with FMLA?
A.  Savers Admin works directly with employers and employees to process the information from beginning to end for employees who request FMLA.  Our services include:

  • Reviewing employee requests for FMLA and determining eligibility
  • Reviewing information from healthcare providers to determine if a situation qualifies for FMLA
  • Tracking timelines for each FMLA participant
  • Collecting the employee portion of insurance premiums while employee is out on FMLA
  • Receiving information regarding the employee’s release by healthcare provider to return to work and notifying employer
  • Tracking intermittent leave

Q.  How can an employer determine if these tasks should be outsourced?
A.  Start by taking a look at the amount of time your HR staff, payroll staff, supervisors, timekeepers, etc., are spending on FMLA.  Most employers will find these folks could spend their time much more productively if the FMLA process was outsourced to an expert.

Because Savers Admin has expertise and resources that many employers lack, we can also help ensure that your company remains in compliance with Department of Labor regulations regarding employee leave.

Q.  If an employer would like to consider outsourcing FMLA to Savers Admin, what does this process entail?
A.  To begin a discussion about their needs and receive a no-obligation quote, employers may email or call us.

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