Asure Software Affordable Background Screening SolutionsAsure Software Screening Services Turn A Negative Into a PositiveAdvanced Technology and Proven Customer Service Provides Peace of Mind. TelePayroll has partnered with National Crime Search, Inc. (NCS), a nationwide provider of background checks, employment screening, and volunteer screening. The scope of screening tools will help employers make confident decisions in handling all of the background screening necessary to help them make the right hiring decision.These services are backed by many years of experience in the background and employment screening business. Asure Software and our partners are committed to providing you the information you need, quickly and affordably.Screening Solutions:Employment: Employers who conduct background screening greatly reduce the risk of employee theft, fraud and embezzlement. Background screening may reveal past criminal behavior and save your company thousands of dollars by helping you prevent a bad hire.Drug Testing: Now employers can prevent drug abuse and keep a safer work environment both before a new hire or on existing staff.Volunteer: Screening tools cater to volunteer and non-profit organization who must understand the status of volunteers, children and the elderly who they hireTenant: Offers essential and affordable services for residential and commercial property managers, owners and real estate investorsTelePayroll makes employer screening simple and cost effective.Prevent Unwanted “Bad Hire” Consequences Quickly and Confidently Today.To learn more about this valuable resource, contact TelePayroll at: 800-9772976 or send us an email.

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