This month guest blogger, Roger Borek from My Accounting Team, explains the ins, outs and advantages of outsourced accounting.What’s one of the most efficient, cost-effective ways to run your business, while reducing your operating costs, and freeing yourself and your staff to focus on what’s important – growing and expanding your business and revenue? The answer is outsourcing! More and more businesses today are discovering the benefits and advantages of outsourcing common business processes, such as A/P, A/R, payroll, and more to reduce internal expenses and take advantage of new cloud-based technologies that can give your company a leg up on the competition.What is Outsourced Accounting?Outsourced Accounting is simply shifting the functions and tasks of basic and critical business processes, traditionally managed inside your company, to an external provider. By taking advantage of the power of secure cloud-based technologies, Accounting firms are now offering a comprehensive range of outsourced business services for its clients, from A/P and A/R to controllership and virtual CFO services.Benefits of Outsourced AccountingBesides saving your company precious time, labor, and money by outsourcing key business and financial services, you’ll also be able to free up and redirect your internal staff and resources to supporting higher-value, revenue-generating core business functions, including strategic planning and forecasting.In addition, when you outsource, you won’t have to worry about software and hardware upgrades and maintenance, or security! And you won’t need a dedicated IT staff to support these new cloud tools. Our cloud technology platforms are state-of-the-art and offer the highest levels of security in the industry. Your financial data and business information is always safe and secure. And accurate! Utilizes the latest in cloud-based technologies, you can be sure your financial data is always in compliance with ever-changing federal and state laws and regulations.Best of all, a whole new world of business collaboration will open up between you and your outsourced accounting firm. With real-time access to your data, you can generate custom reports, forecasting, benchmarking, and real-time data analysis not possible until today. Why settle for financial reports and analysis that are out of date the day they are printed? Now you can be sure you are always working with the latest up-to-date information at your fingertips, 24/7. Get a better picture of your business in real time. Now it is truly possible with outsourced accounting and bill management services.Why Outsource?It’s simple. Outsourced accounting firms can offer you the expertise in outsourced accounting, bill management and financial services you need to manage your critical business processes more efficiently, while offering you a wealth of trusted business advisory and consultative controllership and virtual CFO services. If you want a smarter, more efficient, more productive way to manage your business, it is the way to go!Roger Borek is Principal and COO of My Accounting Team, an outsourced accounting provider offering a full range of cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting services along with Controller, and fractional CFO services for start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses. We remove the burden of day-do-day bookkeeping chores, ensure compliance and provide cost effective financial expertise on demand. By partnering with us to help you manage key non-core functions, you can focus on maximizing your core business operations. For more information, visit Accounting Team is located at 1574 Coburg Rd. #155 in Eugene, OR. Their phone number is (541) 844-1484.

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